What Are IQC, IPQC, FQC for LED Strip Light?

Shine has set up a quality control and management system on request of ISO 9001:2008. Relevant documents and record are effectively controlled to ensure the operation of quality system. We have the most advanced testing equipments with quality and advanced environmental variable detecting instruments. Strict inspections are implemented throughout the production process from material receiving, assemblies, to final QA before delivery. 


IQC is short for: Incoming Material Quality Control. 

which refers to the quality confirmation and inspection of the purchased raw materials, components or products, that is, when the supplier sends the raw materials or components, the products are inspected by sampling, and the final judgment is made on whether the batch of products is to accept or to return. Once some items are rejected, they will be sent to further tests. Strict quality control and well-managed processes are crutial for creating high-quality products, and they are always Shine Lighting’s priorities.

In the LED strip light manufacturing industry, the four main items that have a direct impact on product quality are usually design, incoming materials, manufacturing processes, and storage and transportation. Generally speaking, design accounts for 25%, incoming materials account for 50%, and manufacturing processes account for 20%. Storage and transportation 1% to 5%. In summary, incoming material inspection occupies an overwhelming position in Shine’s product quality, so the quality control of incoming materials must be raised to a strategic position.


IPQC is short for: In Process Quality Control. 

IPQC is monitoring assigned process, to make sure no massive defective parts or components going into the next process.

IPQC for LED strip lighting includes:

  • Appearance inspection
  • Electrical parameter testing
  • Aging test
  • Twisting test


FQC is Final Quality Control. This process is to check every piece of finished products before proceeding to packing.

FQC for LED strip light includes:

  • Appearance testing
  • Electrical parameter testing
  • Photometer testing
  • Package details inspection
  • Drop testing

In order to satisfy customers, we will report the condition of the operation of quality management and improvement in time.

Based on the strict quality control system, Shine Lighting LED strip product defect rate is less than 0.3% and customers’ satisfaction is 99.9%+.

Leo Fu

Leo Fu

Hi, I am Leo Fu, the co-founder of Shine Lighting. I've been running a factory in China that makes linear strip lights for 12 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the expertise related to LED strip lights from a Chinese supplier's perspective.