Chinese National Day Holiday 2022

Dear Customers,

As is traditional, the Chinese National Day holiday falls between October 1st and 7th.

We would like to inform you that Shine Lighting will be closed for holiday from October 1st to October 5th, and will return to office on October 6th. During this period, if you have any queries or urgent issues, please write us by email or call at +86 158 1840 4832 directly. Thank you very much for your attention.

How to Install LED Strip Lights (2022 Version)

LED strip lights have revolutionized the way we light up our homes and office spaces, thanks to their versatility and multiple benefits. Whether you’re looking for adding ambient lighting to your kitchen or commercial space, or you need some task lighting for your office, LED strip lights allow you to transform any space with a stylish and cost-effective lighting solution. Plus, no previous electrical knowledge is required to install LED tape, it couldn’t be easier to create the lighting effect you desire.

What Are RGB LED Strip Lights & How to Buy Top RGB LED Strips?

RGB LED strip has been popular and has opened the door to previously unheard-of lighting possibilities, allowing not only a wide range of customizable colors but also the ability to cut and join any length to create totally unique shapes. RGB lighting is trending upwards in usage for a variety of applications from under-cabinet accent lighting to PC Gaming Lights.

Happy Father’s Day (20220619)

Fatherhood is often condensed down to a single image. Maybe it’s a father and son tossing a baseball in the backyard. Maybe it’s a father and daughter working on a car. However, everyone knows that your dad, or whoever holds that role of a father figure in your life, means so much more than any singular moment.

How Are LED Strip Lights Made?

LED strip lights currently have been one of the most popular light sources, as they are low-profile, easy to install, energy-efficient, durable and extremely versatile.
They’re typically used for cabinet lighting, cove lighting, architecture lighting, mirror lighting, pool lighting, grow lighting, decorative lighting and other linear lighting areas required.