WS2812B VS WS2815 Addressable LED Strip Light

The WS2815 and WS2812B are two of the most popular addressable LED light strips on the market today. Both offer a wide range of features and benefits, but there are a few key differences between them. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the WS2815 and WS2812B and compare their features, pros and cons.

Firstly we use a table to explain what are WS2815 and WS2812B IC chips.

IC Type WS2812B WS2815
Pin Q'ty 4-Pin IC 6-Pin IC
IC Placement Built-in IC Built-in IC
SMD Type 5050/3535/2020 5050
Voltage DC5V DC12V
LED Color Pixel RGB Pixel RGB/RGBW/White
Signal Single Signal Dual Signal
Break Continues No Yes
Cut Segment 1 LED 1 LED
Voltage Drop Yes No
Reset Time 280us 280us
Frequency 400Hz 2000Hz
PWM Resolution 8 bits (256 levels) 8 bits (256 levels)
Data Transfer Rate 800Kbps 800Kbps
Wires Positive + Negative + Data Line Positive + Negative + Data Line + Backup Data Line
Price Cheap Expensive

WS2815 Is A Newer Version Of WS2812B

WS2815 has a higher refresh rate, which means it can deliver better color accuracy and brightness. It also has a higher voltage range, which allows it to deliver more power to each LED, making it brighter and more efficient. Additionally, it is capable of running longer distances. A 5m/16.4ft WS2815 led strip has no voltage drop with one end power injection, whether it presents RGB, RGBW or warm white/daylight color.

WS2815 exists in two versions, one is the regular version (WS2815), used for general home lighting or outdoor lighting. The other is the engineering version (WS2815B), which is more suitable for commercial lighting. It adds a resistor inside the LED diode of the WS2815 engineering version to make the data signal transmission more stable and reduce problems such as light flicker. And it is compatible with more controls, such as all SPI controllers on the market, WS2811, SK6812, WS2812B, SM16703 protocols, MCU control board, and MK2 long-distance isolated pixel driver board controller.

WS2815 belongs to breakpoint continuous transmission, it has two data lines, representing that if an light-emitting diode is accidentally broken in the LED work, the other LEDs can still light up. But if two consecutive LEDs are damaged, then the following LEDs will no longer work.

WS2812B Is A Widely Used Version

WS2812B is the older version of the WS2815, but it is still widely used in many applications. WS2812B is a type of addressable LED light source that is compatible with various microcontrollers and development boards, making it incredibly versatile and powerful.

And because it appeared in the market earliest and the technology developed very mature, it is now cheaper than WS2815. WS2812B has a lower refresh rate and voltage range, but it is still capable of delivering good color accuracy.

WS2812B led strip is controlled through a single wire, allowing for easy integration into a variety of projects. But if an LED on the strip is damaged, the LEDs behind it will not receive the signal and will not work.

How To Choose Between WS2815 And WS2812B?

When choosing between WS2815 and WS2812B, it’s important to consider the features and benefits of each and decide which one is best for your application.

In general, WS2815 led strips are better for applications that require higher refresh rates, higher voltage ranges, and longer distances. WS2812B led strips are better for applications that don’t require the same level of performance.

If you are choosing an ambient light strip for your commercial lighting project, we recommend choosing the WS2815 project model, which works perfectly over long distances. In terms of usage, you can choose according to your electrical system, WS2812B uses 5V system, while WS2815 uses 12V system.

Please note that 5V strip and 12V strip should not be mixed, otherwise it will cause damage to the 5V strip or dark light situation of the 12V strip.

Overall, WS2815 and WS2812B are both excellent options for LED strip lights. Each has its own set of features and benefits, so it’s important to do your research and decide which one is best for your application.

In Conclusion

There are numerous addressable LED chips on the market, each with its own outstanding advantages, so when choosing an addressable led strip for your lighting project, start from your own needs to find the best one. If you really don’t know how to choose, you can contact Shine Lighting and we will recommend a perfect lighting solution for you.

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