The Application of Pixel LED Strip Lights

Addressable led strip lights are very powerful, and we can see them in many scenarios now. However, many customers still do not know where the pixel LED light strips are mainly used.

Here, we’d like to introduce you to some common applications of the addressable LED strips.

In general, addressable LED strips have three main applications: indoor decorative lighting, outdoor decorative lighting and electronic equipment decorative lighting.

1. Indoor Decorative Lighting

1-1. KTV Decorative Lighting

KTV decorative lighting is one of the main applications of addressable led strips. By adding the addressable led light strip to the decoration of the KTV reception, corridor and private room, a very cool atmosphere can be created. It can increase the sensory experience of customers and be more popular with consumers.

1-2. Bar/Club Decorative Lighting

The addressable LED light strip is mainly installed on the bar stage to cooperate with the music sound control induction. LED lighting can improve everyone’s excitement and happiness with the rhythmic movement of music.

1-3. E-Sports Venues

The young people who play e-sports games prefer to be cool. Addressable LED light strips can easily create a stylish shape and atmosphere. It is an indispensable product for e-sports venues.

1-4. Home Decorative Lighting

More and more people are keen to installing white chasing LED strips at home. By installing LED light strips in the indoor corridor, it can achieve the effect of running water through the simple buttons of a controller. 

1-5. Stage Decoration Lighting

By adding LED strips to the stage and using them in conjunction with stage lights, it can increase the diversity of colors and make the performance more lively.

In fact, in addition to the above five places, all indoor place that need to run or jump can use LED lantern strips, such as billiard room, CCTV studio, hotel stage decoration and so on.

2. Decorative Lighting for Electronic Equipment

2-1. Electronic Game Consoles

At present, almost all video game consoles will be equipped with LED strips. Economic devices may choose ordinary RGB light strips to realize the modulation of the light tube between red, blue and green; while more advanced devices will choose addressable LED light strips, which can achieve more complex effects such as flowing water and beating.

2-2. Claw Machine or Vending Machine

The doll machine is a device that all girls love. Most girls want to be able to grab their favorite toys through the doll machine. By adding LED magic light strips on the doll machine, it can quickly attract the attention of girls who pass by the doll machine, thereby increasing their frequency of use.

2-3. Audio Lighting

Audio is no longer a simple electronic product for listening to music. More and more people are going out at night with their favorite stereo, or partying with friends, or participating in square dancing. And by adding magic lights on the audio equipment, it can produce cool effects, which are deeply loved by young generation.

2-4. Computer Case Lighting

By adding LED light strips to the computer case, it can bring a different feeling. Many young people and game enthusiasts will install addressable LED light strips on their computers to feel the thrill of light.

3. Outdoor Decorative Lighting

3-1. Time Tunnel

Time tunnel designs appear in more and more places, which are deeply loved by the masses. By adding addressable LED strips in the time tunnel, we can easily control the changes of the lights and create a dreamy feeling.

3-2. Outdoor Architectural Lighting

By adding addressable LED strips to the exterior walls of commercial buildings. With the operation of the LED controller, we can realize various promotional slogans and animation effects, which can increase the rate of return at night. It can also achieve a certain publicity effect through the design of copywriting.

3-3. Outdoor Landscape Lighting

By adding addressable LED strips to outdoor landscape places such as bridges, art design places, and riversides, it can create an unique rhyme and make the night more beautiful.

Shine Lighting is committed to providing smart pixel LED strip lights, through different combinations to make the light tape suitable for a variety of use scenarios, and provide customers with better choices.

Leo Fu

Leo Fu

Hi, I am Leo Fu, the co-founder of Shine Lighting. I've been running a factory in China that makes linear strip lights for 12 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the expertise related to LED strip lights from a Chinese supplier's perspective.