SMD3030 48LEDs 16W Mono Flexible LED Wall Washer

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Flexible LED wall washer strip light is TPU-coated or silicon LED strip with optic lens to perform wall washing lighting. Shine Lighting invests our passion and expertise to innovate it to solve some pain points where to apply the conventional linear  LED wall washers.

Firstly, because it is flexible, bendable in both vertical and horizontal directions. So the flexible LED wall washer strip can be installed curve cove and perform the high uniformity wall washing as well. Moreover, it won’t damage the facade surface with 4229 VHB 3M adhesive tape sticking.

Secondly, it runs up to 5 meters in one strip, and only requires one power from one end.  As a result, users save labor costs during the installation. Meanwhile, thanks to the light compact design, it weights super light and makes it cost-effective for transpfortation.

Last but not least, with the precise optical control system, beam angles 15° / 30° / 40° / 45° / 60° / 15×45°/ 20×45°/ 30×45° can be tailored as requested. The LED wall washer can project lighting height up to 4 meters.

Top Features

  • LM80 test reported
  • Double layer pure copper 2oz PCB
  • 4229 VHB 3M adhesive tape backing
  • Long lifespan >50,000 hours
  • TPU waterproof material with duration and reliability
  • Projection lighting height up to 4 meters
  • Mono/dual color/RGB/DMX512 color for various wall wash application scene

Product Parameters

Additional information

SMD Type


LED Q'ty






Lumen Output




Max. Power



16 x 16mm



LED Pitch


Cuttable Unit


Beam Angle

30°, 30×45°

Max. Running

5 meters

Projection Height

Max. 4 meters

IP Rating



3 Years

Advantages of LED Flex Wall Washer

Perfect Outdoor Accent Light

Multiple Lens Optional

Ideal for curved facades and delineation of large-scale structures such as bridges and towers.

Beam angles 15° / 30° / 40° / 45° / 60° / 15×45°/ 20×45°/ 30×45° can be tailored as requested.

Easy to Install

Soft & Bendable

Fast and hassle-free installation with 4229 VHB 3M tape. No harm to facade surface compared to traditional rigid wall washer.

Flexible PU-coated or silicon housing design can meet versatile shapes and lighting effect.

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