503x235mm SMD2835 Tunable White LED Flexible Backlight Sheet

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Shine Lighting Flexible LED Sheets are an incredible solution for curvy and space-sensitive backlit lighting projects. These sheets can easily conform to curves and contours. With cut points spanning across the sheet in two directions, customization with unique shapes is effortless. Three single color sheets or two RGB sheets can be run on one power source and our interconnectors allow for immediate, solderless linking.

Available in a variety of white colors, tunable white, RGB and RGBW, these LED sheets are ready to tackle a variety of lighting needs. From accents and light boxes to signage and retail applications, solve intricate lighting problems with unique solutions.

All of the LED Sheets are dimmable, flexible, cuttable, and backed with 3M adhesive strips which makes them super easy to install and use. Click-in power adapters and interconnectors are available for easy setup and installation.

Top Features

  • LM80 test reported
  • Trim to complex shapes
  • Daisy chain linkable
  • 90+ CRI
  • Adhesive backing
  • Dense LED array eliminates hot spots

Product Parameters

Additional information

SMD Type




LED Q'ty

840 LEDs



Max. Power




Lumen Output



Ra>80, Ra>90


Tunable White 2700K-6500K

PCB Color


IP Rating



3 Years

Benefits & Areas of Application

Evenly illuminates curved surfaces

Bendable by hand

Construct illuminated columns, curved POS displays, wave-shaped forms, etc.

Larger flexible light sheets are bendable by hand. Smaller curved light sheets can be heat formed.

Easy to install within minutes

Double-sided flexible light sheet

Fast and hassle-free installation into existing frames and other spaces.

Same sized double-sided light sheet reduces the thickness of the finished product.

Example Applications